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Earthstone Energy Reports Nebraska Venture

June 11, 2013

EARTHSTONE ENERGY, INC. (NYSE MKT: ESTE) reported that the Company recently applied for a drilling permit in Nebraska in preparation for a deep Pennsylvanian test of the Virgil Formation. Earthstone expects to drill its first Nebraska well, the Schmale 33-20, by mid-summer to a depth of approximately 6,500 feet. The well is located in Sec 20, Township 15 North Range 47 West, Cheyenne County, Nebraska. In conjunction with this effort, the Company has acquired approximately 70 square miles of 3D seismic data and 30,000 acres of leasehold; primarily in Cheyenne County. The Company anticipates drilling one or two more wells over the next 18 months to define its geologic concept. Earthstone will be the Operator and has a 45% working interest in this venture.

"We are pleased to announce our newest project," commented Ray Singleton, President of Earthstone. "We are encouraged by the potential we see in this area. While the Nebraska panhandle has long been a producing region with a high density of shallow wells, it has only been sparsely explored in its deeper horizons. The 'rocks' in these deeper Permian and Pennsylvanian age formations are typically carbonates (limestone and dolomite), similar to the formations we experience in the Williston basin. Also similar to the Williston basin, multiple formations are productive; with several million barrel fields. However, unlike the Williston basin, these wells are much shallower and are inexpensive by Williston standards. Our initial efforts are expected to be vertical well penetrations, in that we do not see this as a resource play. However, as we gain better knowledge of the rocks, we may incorporate horizontal drilling into our exploration efforts. We are hopeful that these efforts will positively impact production and reserves and have a meaningful impact on the value of the Company."


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